Our refinishing process is not going to be the same as say having someone come in and paint your cabinets. We have some differences. Not only in the products that we use. We use products that are made for the cabinet industry. The paints that we use are actually a pigmented lacquer so that just means that they’re adding those colorants into a lacquer so that it can be that used that way as opposed to perhaps a painter would come in and use a latex, which is really not a cabinet coating.

It’s in the products we use but also the way they’re applied. We use state-of-the-art cabinet finishing equipment that’s made specific to our industry to apply those specialty coatings. The process we use I know just from being in the industry over 10 years is not a common practice. Most people do not take the time to clean and sand and clean again, to seal the grain, to use lacquers or even these chalk paints or milk paints that are very popular. They’re not cabinet coatings.

They’re not going to give you the longevity that you need in a kitchen and they’re not going to give you the durability or the wear as where the lacquers and pigmented products that we use are designed for that purpose.

So the differences between lacquer products and latex house paints when we’re talking about refinishing your cabinets there’s some big difference. Number one would probably be the durability of that product. You’re going to get years of durability and wear out of a lacquer product and maybe weeks or months with the latex.

The process in which they’re used is different, even the very makeup of the product. Lacquers are made for the cabinet industry whereas latex house paints are for your trim and doors and walls. They were made to be maintenanced overtime. They don’t last like a lacquer product will and that’s what you really need in your kitchen.