A basic overview of the refinishing process, how we going to get this going and how are we going to get it done.

We are going to start with meeting with the client, we will meet with you, and we’ll look at color samples. If you have some ideas that you already like we’re going to take a look at those. We’re going to make sure the first and most important thing is to find just the perfect finish for you. So the right color, are we going to do a paint, or are we going to do a stain. Before we move beyond that all those questions will get answered and whether again if you have an idea of your own or you need a custom color or one of our standard colors we’re going to help. That’s where the process starts.

The process starts with meeting with the client, choosing the right finish, the right color and then actually we will make a sample of those ideas in order for the client to choose and to approve the finish that we’re doing. Now when the sample is made and it’s approved it’s a standard for both the client and myself as the finisher to keep the refinish on track. So we know what we’re doing, we know what it needs to look like.

After we have chosen the samples we’re going to go ahead and get started in the kitchen. the first thing we’re going to do is remove the doors and drawer fronts and those are going to be taken back to our shop and worked on there. While we’re doing that we’re very careful to number each piece so that upon reinstallation it goes quickly, easily and there’s no getting things in the wrong place.

Once all those doors and draws fronts are marked and taken to the shop we are going to go ahead and start working in the home, in the kitchen or bathroom, whichever area were working in and we’re going to go ahead and mask the interiors of the cabinets. We’re going to put paper on the floor; we’re going to put plastic on the ceiling. The walls get completely draped with paper and plastic. So basically we’re enclosing that area.

After we’re done we have a professional cleaner come in and do a thorough job of cleaning up the area.